Volunteers Reward Scheme

2019 Volunteer Program Information Sheet

Each family commencing in 2019 is required to pay $100 per year volunteer pass or for Singles $75 per year volunteer pass under the Volunteer Reward Scheme. This amount is in addition to your RHA fees and HQ Fees.

BEFORE YOU PANIC the Board have developed several opportunities that will enable you to ‘Volunteer and earn back the $100 or $75 volunteer pass… plus opportunity to earn more….’.

So if you want to keep fees low then we need you to consider volunteering - Simply, if you volunteer, you have the opportunity to redeem your volunteer pass back under the ‘Volunteer Pass’ Scheme.

This levy is redeemable under the Volunteer Reward Scheme where prescribed activities are set and members can receive payment which can be deducted from your fees or vouchers (redeemable at canteen or bar ) for taking up the duties.

How Reductions Will Be Applied

Volunteer Rebate

Volunteer Pass and volunteering reward $’s will be deducted from your registration owing or paid to your nominated bank account through the first part of the season.

The Tech Bench for Senior Hockey only, will be issued with a $5 voucher that will need to be collected & signed for from the bar on completion of the tech bench duties, so it needs to be collected on the day and can be used at any time through the season and will expire after grand final day 2019.

Volunteer Prescribed Positions List:

The list of positions and prescribed activities to be filled are detailed on a the RHA 2019 Volunteer Positions shee which also lists the remuneration amount for each position.

As there are only a prescribed number of positions in each category the Board will determine the successful candidate should more nominations be received for those positions than available.

For those players who want to volunteer but are not lucky enough to get the gig there are other opportunities to reduce your costs with the one-off positions and every time you work in areas such as game day delivery, canteen, bar, fundraising and or merchandising.

Clubs have been allocated an amount for their volunteers who fill roles like coaching and managing teams.  The clubs will be required to advise RHA how this money is to be allocated and the RHA Treasurer will distribute the money by either deducting from their fees or paying directly to the volunteer.

All Volunteers are required to fill in a Volunteer Form and send to the RHA secretary at secretary.rockhock@gmail.com.

How Else You Can Reduce Your Fees?


There may be some opportunity to reduce your fees in this area and further information will be released and on the web-site on this.

Government Rebate

From time to time the government provides $150 ‘Get Started Vouchers' available to assist those who can least afford fees. If available, juniors can apply but there are some limitations and it is first in best dressed so don’t delay.

On receipt of the voucher, we will deduct the value of it from your balance owing. Just forward your voucher to treasurer.rockhock@gmail.com.


Volunteer Reward Information Sheet


RHA needs volunteers for the Canteen on a Friday and Saturday Night, if anyone can assist with these times please contact Barb at president.rockhock@gmail.com.

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